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Public Speaking and Confidence Hacks

In this practical class, you will learn how to boost your personal impact using insights from improvisational comedy to build your confidence and self-assurance. Blending seminar-style guidance with practical exercises with your peers, you will get back in touch with your reserves of creativity and instinct, to trick your body into thinking you’re more confident than you believe you are.

Ultimately, you will complete this course with the ability to combat your inner critical voice - and make your voice heard, whether it’s among friends or total strangers.

Check out this previous masterclass I did for The Guardian.

Public speaking confidence

Storytelling and Public Speaking


This specialist and bespoke masterclass will be split into two halves – at first, Maddy will show you how to trick your body and mind into believing you’re confident and combat your inner critic. You’ll also learn vital breath and vocal skills to ensure you get your point across clearly and confidently. The second half we’re getting practical. This is a look at how to ace your storytelling. Bring words off the page, understand how the musicality and rhythm of your voice can captivate your audience and Maddy will let you in on tricks of the trade used by great actors and speakers. The name of the game is ‘relatability’ and Maddy will work you through how to bring any subject matter into the hearts and minds of your listeners.

Build yourself as a Creative Agency

Creative agency

This workshop looks at how we can utilise ourselves to our full creative potential. From understanding that we are the brand to isolating our creative superpowers - expect to leave this workshop with a host of enthusiasm and inspiration on how to shape your future and make money as a creative. Learn how to maintain authenticity but increase your impact, how to communicate with your authentic voice and be heard, how to build effective networks and how to increase your confidence and articulate your value and message

Female Power Lunch Hour

Power lunch

Do you often feel overlooked at work? Perhaps you struggle for your voice to be heard and you lack the confidence to have your ideas heard. Maddy runs bespoke sessions for females and female-identifying who need a boost to take themselves to the next level. Learn confidence and voice hacks, understand how to silence your inner critic and push yourself to your potential. One hour sessions occurring over your lunch hour either in-person or online.

In this innovative 4-week evening intensive Maddy will lead you in creating that script you’ve been putting off, teaching you her tried and tested formula to getting any creative project fully sponsored, how to get a TV and Radio commission and teach you how to utilise the creative skills you already have to make it and make money as a freelancer. Fuse business skills, scriptwriting techniques, free-writing and mindfulness to get your script commissioned, get your show fully sponsored and get branded content bringing in the thousands.

Writing for TV, Film, Radio and more

Writing for TV
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